In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily suspending lifTOvers pick-up and drop-off services until further notice. We hope you take care of yourselves, your loved ones, and those in your community.



We are a dedicated team of volunteers working around the clock to lift food to those who need it most.


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Why lifTOvers?

Everyday, people in Toronto are struggling to come up with the food they require on a daily basis.

Everyday, event hosts throughout the city ask, “what do we do with the left over food?”

We @lifTOvers aim to redistribute consumable food and make it accessible to anyone who needs it.

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Please note: a lifTOver is not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation by phone or email. We require a 24 hour notice before a lift. To ensure quality food delivery, we are only able to accept catered food or food that has been prepared in a Toronto Public Health certified environment (e.g. restaurants and catering companies).

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